Real Estate

India has a booming real estate market. Besides Agriculture, Real Estate is the second largest employer in the economy. It comprises four sub-sectors – housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. There is a demand-supply gap of the order of 82-86 per cent in the number of professionals and the skill sets in real estate sector.

JobCentre is closely following the developments and is aware of the challenges this industry face, one of foremost being getting the right people on board. JobCentre have helped/helping multiple corporations in the real estate industry to get the right people on board, faster.

Our stronghold in the retail and consumer product industry positions us uniquely to be able to understand the nuisances of multiple business roles and close them most efficiently.

Our specialty lies in placing the following positions:-

Real Estate Sales and Business development executives/managers, AGM, GM, AVP, VP
Apartment and Villa sales specialist
Commercial space sales Specialist
Site Supervisors, Project managers, Engineers, Architects, safety, Procurement, Executives/managers, Legal Executives/Managers

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